Camera di Commercio Sicilia Sud Est
Palazzo della Borsa
Piazza della Borsa

Camplus D’Aragona
Via Monsignor Ventimiglia, 184 – 95129 – Catania
Tel.: +39 0957460311

Palazzo Biscari
Via Museo Biscari, 10
95131 Catania

Palazzo della Cultura
Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 95131 Catania CT
Tel.: +39 095 742 8035

Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini
Via Istituto Sacro Cuore, 3
95125 Catania CT

The Awarding Ceremony, will be held, in the prestigious “Teatro Massimo Bellini” Opera theatre, in Catania, on Sunday 02 February 2020, including the “Finalissima” Gala Concert, with six winners of Absolute 1st Prize, of each section, competing for the “Gianluca Campochiaro” Prize 2020.
Indirizzo: via Perrotta,12 – 95131  Catania  (CT)  Italia


The Participants’ stay during the Competition is the responsibility of the selfsame participants.
However the organization of the competition will provide (on the official website of the competition) contact details of a special-rate hotel which will offer room and board (bed and breakfast, Half-board or Full-board) to the participants of the competition who would make specific request thereof.
All communications relative to this hotel service should be solely between the customer and the hotel itself.
The Organization of the competition in fact has no obligation regarding the  organizing of this service for the participants of the competition and,  consequently, won’t be able to accept any responsibility for eventual management errors in the booking or payment of this hotel service .