Yoshaki Shibata
Born in Tokyo. Start Violin Piano from a young age.
From young age belongs to Toho Gakuen University Music department “Music School for Children” (piano) belongs.
All Nippon Student Music Competition, 2.Prize in Elementaryschool Students at the Violin Category in 1984,
He won the 2. Prize in the 1987 Junior Highschool department.
He studied the Violin by Prof. Saburo Sumi, Prof. Ryosaku Kubota, Prof. Tomotada Soh, Prof. Keiko Urushihara, Prof. Hideki Oguni, Prof. Koichiro Harada, and Piano with Prof. Noriko Minagawa and Prof. Fujiko Yamada.
1988 from 16 years old, studied at Julius-Stern-Institut attached to Berlin University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany
1989 German Youth Music Competition Piano category 2nd Prize
Since 1990 he entered Berlin Universitye of Art at age 17 (youngest). Prof. Koji Toyoda, the Violin, and the Piano with Prof. Ingeborg Peukert, later studied the violin with Prof.. Thomas Brandis, graduating with the highest point.
Since 1995, he studied under Dresden “Carl Maria von Weber” Dresden “Music University Soloist course with Prof. Manfred Scherzer, in 1997 in Semperoper Dresden at Brahms:
Performing the Violin Concerto (conducted by Prof. Jörg-Peter Weigle), German National Qualification Exam, got “Best”.
From 1997, followed by Dresden “Carl Maria von Weber” Dresden “Music University
study from “Meister (Maestro)” course, while in University, Beethoven in Dresden hold a recital of all 10 sonatas and get great popularity.
1999 got a German Musician “Meister (Maestro)” as “Best”.
He took a break from Soloist activity and joined Hannover State Opera National Orchestra 1st Violin, Starting Soloist activities again in parallel with Orchestra activities since 2001.
In 2002 he left the Hannover State Opera National Orchestra.
2003 He was selected as the exclusive Soloist and first Concertmaster of the newly formed New Berlin Symphony Orchestra (Neues Sinfonieorchester Berlin) Germany.
2004 ~ , he has also appointed the artistic director of the same orchestra, the position as representative of President. It reaches the present.
In 2004, he was officially debuted at the Openair Gendarmentmarkt Berlin (about 7000 spectators) under the direction of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra & Claus Peter Flor.
2008 ~ , he hold a Mastercourse “The Violinconcerto with Orchestra” in Berlin every March. As a lecturer sponsored by Landesmusikakademie Berlin in 2009.
2010 ~ Solo performances in Germany in the Gewandhaus Leipzig, Alte Oper Frankfurt am Main etc.
2010 ~ 2016 he was invited as a Professor to Mastercourse of Euro Music Festival and Academy (Leipzig, Wien, Wuppertal, Halle).
2012 ~ 2020 invitation Concert and Masterclass in South Korea different Cities
(2015 including Beethoven’s All 10 Sonatas Cycle on 1 evening in Seoul)
He is Jury Member at;
the 2011 1st , the 2015 3rd 2017 4th and 2019 5th Japan Art Center Violin Competition,
the 2014 23th ,the 2015 24th, 2017 25th Ibolka Gyarfas Violin Competition (Berlin) ,
the 2015 preliminary round of the Max Rostal International Competition.
2017 ~ 2019 the 7~9 th Amigdala International Music Competition (Italy),
he was invited to the Jury, and also awarded the Best Professor Prize,
from 2019 ~ as Artistic Director´s Coordinator and appointed to the Jury Chairmen in 2020.
2019 Jury of the IX Amigdala International Music Competition Hong Kong Region Final, and the Osaka International Music Competition Hong Kong and Taiwan Regional Final.
He will be invited to the several Mastercourse of Eurpe and Asia, Besides being also invited regularly to Television and Radio appearances and Solo activities as well as teaching backwards, sending many students to Music Universities and Orchestras throughout in the all World.
He had studied with Ida Haendel, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Ruggiero Ricci, especially from Ida Haendel strongly Musical influences.
Competition Award :
1990 9th Tchaikovsky International Competition Diploma
1994 2nd Hannover (Germany) International Violin Competition Diploma
1995 30th Markneukirchen (Germany) International Orchestra Competition Diploma
2001 9th Brescia (Italy) Violin Competition 6. Prize
2001 22nd Michelangelo · Abaddo International Violin Competition Finalist
2003 1. Prize in Algäu (Germany) Music Award