NB: Before proceeding with registration, please read the Competition Regulation carefully.

Participants of all sections must submit the application form (see below) by 20th January 2020, duly completed in all its parts, to the relevant e-mail addresses for each section published on the official website of Competition


The registration form must be accompanied by:

  1. a copy of the identity card or passport;
  2. The program of the music that will be performed (specifying the author, the edition and the duration);
  3. The copy of the bank transfer made, relative to the registration fee, diversified by section and / or category.

Bank transfer to:

Associazione musicale “La città di Bellini per Gianluca Campochiaro”
Credito Valtellinese- Agenzia di Cannizzaro-Aci Castello (CT)
IBAN: IT23A0521626110000008985497
Reason: International competition (Section, Category Name and surname of the candidate).
For logistical and organizational reasons, no more than 20 participants per category will be accepted, all applications received after this limit will not be accepted, even if received by 01/20/20
NB: Participants who have a family (or other) tie with a member of the jury of the contestant’s interest section are not allowed to participating in the competition.

REGISTRATION FORM (please use capital letters)


Use this e-mail address to send all: